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Embracing What’s Difficult Through Psychotherapy

The Willingness To Be Changed By Change

Because no two individuals are alike, there is no  ‘one size fits all’  method or strategy for effective psychotherapy.  My approach to psychotherapy is very individual and relational, exploring clients’ strengths and weaknesses in the light of early experiences which have shaped them.

Life challenges us all of us with the necessity to grow and change.  Regardless of the particular symptoms or diagnosis, for most people the major problem comes down to an inability to face negative emotion.   The only way to truly release the hold of such feelings is to bring them to the surface where they can be explored, deeply felt, and released.  This happens best in the milieu of a trusting therapeutic relationship.

My strengths as a therapist include my ability to listen and understand from an empathic perspective and to provide the perspective,  insight, and guidance to help you see how you are getting in your own way.  On the other side of fear, shame, and confusion, it becomes possible to make more effective choices.

Psychotherapy is a path of self-discovery.  It helps you articulate the voice of your authentic self and attain greater harmony with others.  

The benefits you’ll receive:

  • Get to the heart of the patterns that are causing you difficulties.
  • Learn how to weather emotional storms.
  • Find a path through life transitions, grief, or loss.
  • Achieve deeper self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-compassion.
  • Connect the dots between what is happening in the present with your personal history.
  • Create more rewarding relationships.
  • Learn to take responsibility without blaming.
  • Set clear boundaries and express your needs.
  • Gain clarity about what compromises you can and cannot make.

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Clinical Psychotherapy

Marjorie Schuman, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst & Author

Inquiring Deeply

Mindful Dynamic Psychotherapy

Relational Psychotherapy




Blending the knowledge of contemporary psychoanalysis with the wisdom of Buddhist view,  Inquiring Deeply explores how mindfulness can be integrated into psychodynamic treatment as an aspect of self-reflection rather than as a cognitive behavioral technique or intervention.

Inquiring Deeply investigates how problems are constructed and shows how mindfulness and other  ‘self-reflective awareness practices’ can be used strategically in psychodynamic treatment to amplify and unpack psychological experience.   

Written for Buddhist-minded psychotherapists and psychologically-minded Buddhist practitioners alike,   Inquiring Deeply describes a method for practicing with problems in the Buddhist sense of the word practice.   It elucidates a strategy for finding the wisdom in problems and the opportunities for growth which are contained within them.

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Inquiring Deeply, Together

Two heads Are Better Than One

My approach to psychotherapy, “Inquiring Deeply”, is a creative fusion of mindfulness and psychoanalytic understanding.   It is based on the premise that psychological healing occurs when the deep pain of our grief, loss, and disappointments is met with empathy, compassion, and understanding from another.

By digging down to the interpersonal roots of what is bothering you, this work helps you gain insight into the psychological and relational forces that have shaped who you are.  

The strategic application of mindful awareness helps you see more clearly the psychological patterns which cause and perpetuate your emotional difficulties.

Last but not least, the psychotherapeutic relationship itself directly teaches you how to lean into difficulties and rest in the present moment with greater self-acceptance and self-compassion.