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What Is Mindful Dynamic Psychotherapy?

The focus in psychotherapy is deepening your understanding of your emotional life by helping you to look deep within. Regardless of the particular problems you are facing – and regardless of your symptoms or diagnosis— for most people the major issue boils down to an inability to face negative emotion and embrace change.  The only way to truly release the hold of such feelings is the bring them to the surface where they can be explored, deeply felt, and released.  

In psychotherapy, the core of this inquiry is self-reflection: looking deep within.  This happens best in the milieu of a trusted therapeutic relationship. By digging down to the interpersonal roots of what is bothering you, this work helps you gain insight into the psychological and relational forces that have shaped who you are.  On the other side of fear, shame, and confusion, it becomes possible to make more effective choices.

Because we often can only really see ourselves in the mirror provided by another, mindful dynamic psychotherapy enables you to see yourself more clearly.  My strength as a therapist is my ability to listen and understand from an empathic perspective and to provide the perspective, insight, and guidance to help you see how you are getting in your own way.

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