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Inquiring Deeply About Problems (Introductory Workshop)

Learning how to relate to the problems that come up for us in life–— our difficult situations,  feelings, and moods—is a core life challenge for everyone.  In Buddhist language, this is the challenge of equanimity:  the art of finding balance in the moment.

 Fortunately, it turns out that what is psychologically painful can also be quite generative. Our emotional problems show us where we have shut down, where we need to wake up,  and where we need to grow.   Learning to listen to the wisdom of our feelings is a practice unto itself:  cultivating our ability to be with and feel our way into difficult emotional experience.

The meditative practice of asking questions (Inquiry) has been used for thousands of years to develop intuition, inspire awakening, and connect us more deeply to the sources of wisdom within. While Inquiry is often taught as an eyes closed contemplative exercise, it is also very engaging as a speaking and listening practice done with partners.  This process explores what happens when we learn to rest in the questions, themselves.

This brief experiential workshop will provide an introduction to the method of “Inquiring Deeply“.   A didactic presentation about Inquiring Deeply About Problems will be followed by guided practice of inquiry in dialogue, with some emphasis on the use of inquiry in psychotherapy.

Where and When:

  • Summerland, CA     February 09      SOLD OUT

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