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Embracing The Uncertainty of Life

Uncertainty tightrope

When confronted with the uncertainty and vulnerability that accompanies life’s inevitable         difficulties,  mindful psychotherapy can provide the perspective and support needed to regain emotional balance. 

Emotional balance is a function of the capacity to bring awareness to what unsettles and unbalances us.   The best way to engender emotional resilience and stability is to bring negative feelings to the surface where they can be explored, deeply felt, and released in the presence of an empathic other. 

Difficulty in modulating emotional states often indicates unresolved developmental issues festering beneath the surface.   We all fall under the influence of unconscious dynamics which negatively affect and suffocate our ability to think, feel, work, and love.   Deep emotional understanding of what is getting in our way can help resolve these difficulties.

On the other side of fear, shame, and confusion, you will be empowered to make more            effective choices.

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