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Seminars, Workshops & Groups


Below is a current list of seminars and workshops being offered.  Please check back frequently for updates.


FALL, 2017
TUESDAYS EVENINGS @ MacVeagh House, Museum of Natural History, 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.
                 Tuesday, September 26th           The Hunger To Be and Become
                 Tuesday, October 17th                  The Art of “Working On Yourself”
                 Tuesday, November 21st             Storyteller Mind  
Above repeated on THURSDAY EVENINGS @  La Casa de Maria Loft,   6:00 – 7:00 p.m.
                 Thursday, Sept 28th                        The Hunger To Be and Become
                 Thursday, Oct 19th                          The Art of “Working On Yourself”
Also, on Sunday afternoon Oct 22nd from 2:30 – 6:00 p.m. I will be leading a mini-retreat at LaCasa de Maria on the topic of RELATIONAL MINDFULNESS.
All of the above are free of charge (donation appreciated).

June 2017

Mindfulness in Psychotherapy
The Role of Self-Reflective Function







Marjorie Schuman, Ph.D.
June 9, 2017
5:15 – 7:15 p.m.
To Register:  www.SBCPA.org

In this salon for mental health professionals, Marjorie Schuman will present an overview of mindfulness-informed approach to psychotherapy which engages mindful awareness as a self-reflective strategy.

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March 2017

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 8.20.52 PM






”The problem is not that there are problems.  The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem”.
—Theodore Isaac Rubin

Sunday, March 12th 2:30-6:00 pm
La Casa de Maria, 800 El Bosque Road, Montecito, CA  93108
donation only

In this afternoon of meditation practice and self-reflection, we will focus on how mindful awareness can be used as part of a skillful framework for relating to emotional problems.   Through guided practices of meditation and self-inquiry (including journaling exercises), we will explore how mindfulness can used to amplify psychological experience and deepen self-awareness.  

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January 2017







Practicing With Problems:  A Biweekly Study and Practice Group
Exploring the Clinical Applications of Mindfulness 
Facilitated by:  Marjorie Schuman, Ph.D.   

Dates: Every other Friday morning, 9:30 – 11:00 a.m., Beginning 1/13/17   
Location:  Home office near Coast Village Road in Montecito 
Cost: $30 per session* / $100 for 4 sessions

* Group size will be limited to maximum of 8 participants (some prior mindfulness experience needed). I will be holding preliminary interviews.  My goal for this group is to create a cohesive practitioner’s sangha/ support community, and I do not want to exclude anyone for reasons of cost.  Will consider adjusting fee for students or for reasons of financial hardship.

By now, the basic concepts of mindfulness are well-known to most clinicians.  Many have had at least some exposure to mindfulness meditation, and some have taken training programs in mindfulness-based interventions (MBSR, MBCT, ACT, and DBT). However, mindfulness is a deceptively simple concept rather than a one-size-fits-all remedy, and in order to make effective clinical use of its benefits, it is helpful to delve deeply into some of its complexities and its Buddhist roots.   

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August 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 7.33.55 AM

Marjorie LAISPS Class

 with Marjorie Schuman, Ph.D.
 LAISPS Member
12:00 – 5:00 P.M.
Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studies
LAISPS Classroom
12011 San Vicente Blvd., #520
Los Angeles, CA  90049

This course is APA approved for 5.0 CEs

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Client-Centered Dharma Practice: 
A Psychotherapy Group
with Radhule Weininger, PhD & Marjorie Schuman, PhD
Meets biweekly on Friday mornings, 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
 House, SB Museum of Natural History 

Marjorie Schuman and Radhule Weininger are offering an ongoing Psychotherapy Group, “Client-Centered Dharma Practice”. This group will give participants an opportunity to explore how to apply dharma practice to their own particular problems and challenges. Each meeting will focus on interaction with facilitators as well as group members to find strategies for working with difficult experiences in everyday life as well as to deepen our understanding of the dharma.  Every session includes ½ hour of meditation practice. New series of six sessions begins 9-30-16.

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No Time Like The Present: A Silent Meditation Retreat

Marjorie Schuman and Radhule Weininger  are offering a weekend silent meditation retreat, titled “No Time Like The Present.” This retreat is grounded in Buddhist mindfulness practice and will explore what it means to be truly present.


August 26 thru 28, 2016
Friday 5:30 p.m. to Sunday noon
at La Casa de Maria
800 El Bosque Rd., Montecito

Register at: www.lacasademaria.org

Only when we can be present in our lives Here and Now can we can meet others and our world with truly open hearts and minds. Awareness of the present moment opens us to greater freedom from our personal history and greater choice in what is yet to come.

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September 2016

Practice group

Facilitated by Marjorie Schuman, Ph.D.

This study/discussion/practice group for psychotherapists will focus on the interface between dharma practice and psychodynamic/relational therapy.  
The group will meet once per month, Sundays from 11am-1pm, beginning on Sunday 9-11-16.  Each meeting will consist of guided meditation, followed by a discussion on topic(s) chosen by group participants at the previous meeting. Two (2) hrs. CE credit available for licensed psychologists, LCSW’s, and MFT’s.  $40.  

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July 2016

Client-Centered Dharma Practice: 
A Psychotherapy Group

with Radhule Weininger, PhD & Marjorie Schuman, PhD

NEW SESSION 6 Friday mornings
July 8th, 22nd; August 5th & 19th; September 9th & 16th
From 9:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M.
The MacVeigh House, SB Museum of Natural History

Marjorie Schuman and Radhule Weininger are offering a 6-session Group Psychotherapy, “Client-Centered Dharma practice”, in a biweekly group that resumes July 8, 2016.  This group will give participants an opportunity to explore how to apply dharma practice to their own particular problems and challenges.

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January-February 2016

Client-Centered Dharma Practice

client centered dharma group flierMarjorie Schuman and Radhule Weininger are offering a 6- session Group Psychotherapy, “Client-Centered Dharma practice”, in a biweekly group beginning 01-22-16.  This group will give participants an opportunity to explore how to apply dharma practice to their own particular problems and challenges.  

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January 2016

Finding the Opportunities Within Problems

lotus3Finding the opportunities for growth within problems is possible only when we can learn to look at them in a way that reveals what we most need to see. There is intelligence in the ways that problems are constructed in the mind. This idea is expressed in the image of a lotus flower with its roots in the mud and beautiful blossom above.   Metaphorically, this evokes the possibility that the mud of our struggles can give rise to growth in the sunlight of awareness.  

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October 2015
Mistaken Identities

The experience of self — the subjective sense of Who I Am – is a psychological given. How this experience is organized lies at the heart of the psyche and is the foundation of good mental health. Identity is organized around who we think we are; an inner narrative which revolves around “me” “myself” and “I”. As the well-known psychoanalyst Roy Schafer put it, “The self is a story; it is the story that there is a self to tell a story to.”

September-October 2015
Buddhism & Psychotherapy: A Study Group

Psychotherapists are increasingly curious about how to integrate Buddhist principles with their own expertise into a coherent approach for working with emotional distress. Most of the literature on mindfulness and psychotherapy deals with mindfulness as a cognitive behavioral clinical technique. Our study group will focus instead on what a Buddhist-informed psychotherapy looks like within a depth psychology, psychodynamic-relational framework.

September 2015
Awakening Wisdom & Compassion: A Meditation Retreat

It is said that Wisdom and Compassion are the two wings of the great bird of awakening; inseparable, both needed for us to fly as our true selves. Wisdom without compassion can be dry and lacking in heart; compassion without wisdom can be passion that burns you out and leaves you depleted.

June 2015
Recognizing, Understanding, and Healing Self-Hate   

April 2015
Mindful Awareness & Self-Reflection in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy   

April, 2015
Dynamics of Blame    

February 2015
Mindfulness in Close Relationships