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Intimacy With Self     

The Courage To Be Present

It is only when we can be sufficiently intimate with ourselves that we can be comfortable with others.  Self-intimacy means feeling connected to all parts of ourselves and the full range of our experiences – especially those parts that we may dislike or that make us feel uncomfortable, ashamed, or vulnerable.  This means having the courage to embrace whatever we find, including painful judgments we hold about ourselves or others.

The path of self-discovery unfolds as we travel upon it.  In psychotherapy, the core of this inquiry is self-reflection:  looking deep within.   However, we can often only really see ourselves in the mirror provided by another.  The framework of empathic understanding and support provided by the psychotherapeutic relationship can enable you to see yourself more clearly.




heart of connection

Intimacy With Others   

The Heart of Connection

Secure connection with others is the heart and soul of our emotional well-being.

Everyone longs for loving relationships, yet all too often we unintentionally distance ourselves from one another by being reactive: by withdrawing, by being too eager for approval, or simply by being too busy to pay attention.

This can result in feeling painfully separate, insufficiently appreciated & unloved.

Psychotherapy can help us hold and heal the sense of unworthiness that causes us to hold ourselves apart from others.

By exploring how we relate to others, we can learn to let go of the need to protect ourselves and recover our natural capacity to be open-hearted, empathic and compassionate towards others.

Thinking Outside The Box  

Learn To Feel Into Experience

It’s a common predicament, especially among highly intelligent people: the effort to figure everything out.

Individuals who have lived by their brains tend to automatically assume that all problems can be solved by thinking and doing.

This strategy doesn’t work well with emotional problems. To the contrary, when you think too much, worry and rumination can make matters worse.

The opportunity in this situation is to learn to feel into experience instead of struggling against it. This is the beginning of greater wisdom, self-acceptance, and self-compassion.

With this new perspective, it is possible to dissolve the barriers which stand in way of deeper love and intimacy between you.