Going With The Flow


Go With Flow Water

The ability to go with the flow depends on our ability to listen deeply to the voice of our own wisdom in order to hear what life is speaking.  We need to learn to relate to ourselves in a way that optimizes the mind’s natural organization and balance.

Learning to “go with the flow”  is one of the basic goals of many awareness practices (such as mindfulness meditation).    By bringing conscious awareness to life as an ongoing process,  we can endeavor to receive life:   to open to life instead of struggling against it.  We can practice understanding that it is simply not possible to push the river.

When we can go with the flow in this way, we come into greater harmony with ourselves and with reality.   We increasingly discover, as Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron famously said, that this moment is the perfect teacher.   Life carries us downstream and unfolds without effort.

Present Moment, Moments of Presence


The quality of presence is deep knowing of the Here-and-Now To be present means being aware in a way which is open, attentive, balanced, and flexible.   We can cultivate the ability to Be Present deliberately by practicing bringing our attention to the Here and Now.  This is the art of Meditation.

We can also cultivate Presence in our relationships in the simple act of connecting deeply with someone else.  When we participate in another person’s lived story,  or when we create a mutually lived story with them, more than just an exchange of information occurs.   Something new emerges.  Happiness is born in this act of connection, of interpersonal presence.   This is one of the secrets of the “here and now”. 

Relational connection is the heart of our humanity.